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In 2004 we entered the manufacturing arena by building a state of the art candle filling facility located near Los Angeles in Valencia, California. Utilize our expertise and resources for your private label project to put together custom design candles, fragrances, and packaging to create a unique and proprietary look. We maintain a huge archive of interesting and unique containers and wonderful scents for you to choose from.


In addition, our in-house creative team can work with you to develop effective artwork, packaging and labeling. By controlling the process every step of the way, Zodax can create the perfect private label program to suit your needs.



We only use the highest quality blends, and 100% bleach free cotton wicks for our candles. This assures even, long burning, and maximum fragrance diffusion. It is equally important at Zodax to create a product that will burn well, and looks great. Whether it be soy or other vegetable waxes, we will select the right formula to maximize the performance of your candle.



The Zodax fragrance library contains hundreds of scents to choose from. Whether it be botanicals, epicurean, nature inspired, or aroma therapy, we have worked with the best domestic perfumeries to develop aromas that will entice the senses. Select from our vast collection or let us develop a custom scent for you. Zodax has the resources.



At Zodax, you are no longer limited to filling a clear glass jar. We have a tremendous selection of interesting and beautiful vessels to choose from. Whether it be ceramic, metal, wood, etc., we have the capabilities to fill it. And yes, we can interpret the basic glass jar to make it uniquely yours.



Our in-house art and design team will help you develop the perfect packaging for your candles. Attention to detail is Zodax’s specialty. Whether it be a label, gift box, or protective disc, we have the expertise to create the correct look that will translate into sales.

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