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Order Surcharge

Dear Valued Customer,

As you are aware, the road to recovery has been difficult following the unforeseen events of last year. Many businesses, including the gift & home industry, have experienced the challenges of drastic daily increases in raw materials, labor, and freight costs. It is with reluctance that we are asking our customers to share in these additional costs.

As of June 21, 2021, we will be implementing a 5% surcharge on all new orders. As a courtesy to our customers, all purchases made prior to June 21, 2021, will be exempt from this surcharge. The 5% surcharge will only apply to net merchandise costs, not domestic freight charges, and will be included on all future invoices.

We have diligently worked to avoid raising prices on our products and have focused on only covering a portion of our total additional costs with this surcharge. We hope that this will be temporary, and we appreciate your loyalty and understanding.

Thank you for your support.



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